USA Old Age Singles - 10K

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Description Summary

ROI begins with knowing what your customer likes and needs. We offer lead generation services for supporting Outbound Campaigns targeted at single, senior citizens. These are individuals with disposable cash, and who wish to purchase items, loans for their personal use.

This USA Old Age Singles list lets you get in contact with these seniors and can be used for supporting your sales, with necessary certifications. All data compiled has been acquired via legitimate offline and online channels: surveys, purchase history, memberships details, self-reported data from individuals.   

Popular Selects

  • Choose between the Standard (30-90 days old) or the Premium (0-30 days old).
  • Each pack has 10K records that include FNAME, LNAME, Address, City, State, Phone, Email (optional).
  • Data included is a blend of compiled data and opt-in records from different partner publishers.