Leads will be delivered within 4 hours via Email
Leads will be delivered within 4 hours via Email
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Choosing the right Lead for your Outbound Campaign

It is extremely important to understand how to choose the right lead for your marketing campaigns. This depends on many factors like Weather you want compiled data or Opt-in data, what is the age of the lead since it was originally generated, who is your target audience, which mode of communication are they most likely to respond to, a phone call or an email or a Facebook ad. what is your expectation in terms of ROI. example - are you willing to invest Rs. 3500 on a lead product that can provide Rs 35k or 10x returns in sales value. call us to know more and find out which lead packet will be the best for for your campaign.

opt-in leads for call centers

Our leads are perfectly suited for call centers that run predictive dialers and require large amounts of data for calling. All our data sets has over 90% connectivity with low NA (NoAnswer autoDial). our leads stocks are purchased everyday directly from publishers who use double opt-in forms for lead generation. We have thousands of partner publishers who generate millions of opt-in leads daily. once the data is generated they are filtered for quality and scrubbed for DNC. try our leads at most affordable prices that are ideal for call centers.