USA IVR Blasting Survey Leads - 10k

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Description Summary

This list consists of people who are frequest responders of SMS and text marketing and have active voicemails. they are mostly seniors who respond to IVR messages and offers on the phone and actively respond to voicemails. This list is ides for call centers who run IVR Blasting campaigns and target seniors with multitude of offers like, Sweepstkes, cashbacks, prizes, coupons, discount cards, etc.

This data is a collection of Opt-in data for multiple offers and multiple pproducts and services. please ensure to use high quality CLI routes and display a call back number on outbound voicemails for these users to call back after listening to voicemails.

Popular Selects

  • Standard (30-90 days old) and Premium (0-30 days old). each pack contains 10k records with FNAME, LNAME, Address, City, State, Phone, Email (optional).
  • This list is a mix of compiled data and opt-in records from different partner publishers.