USA Home Owners - 10K

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Description Summary

With the New Homeowner Database, you have the ability to reach millions of Americans that have just moved into new homes and neighborhoods. These New Homeowners are ready to establish loyal relationships making them a rich source of potential customers. New Homeowners spend more on home related products and services within the first six months of moving than established residents spend in two years! These homeowners are highly receptive to direct mail and telephone promotions making them perfect candidates for your next Outbound Campaign.

This new mover database is ideal for Banking, Catalogs, Credit Cards, Health, Home Improvement and Furnishings, Lawn and Garden Services, Newspaper and Magazine Offers, Professional Services, Restaurant Deals, and Retail Promotions.

Popular Selects

  • Standard (30-90 days old). each pack contains 10k records with FNAME, LNAME, Address, City, State, Phone, Email (optional). 
  • This list is a mix of compiled data and opt-in records from different partner publishers