USA High Income - 10k

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Description Summary

These seniors have earned a good living throughout their lives, and are ready to enjoy it! Get the most accurate postal, phone, and email data available on the market. These consumers are highly responsive to many types of offers, such as travel, finance, and more. It’s time for these seniors to get the most out of their retirement years, and have great experiences with family and friends. Don’t miss out on the Affluent Seniors List, and enhance your Outbound marketing campaign!

Our Affluent Seniors Mailing List is derived from a mix of public and proprietary feeds both online and offline including: surveys, self-reported individuals, and previous memberships/ purchase history. When you use our data, you are guaranteed accuracy and deliverability. This database is recommended for many offers, such as travel offers, finance, retirement communities, retail, insurance, and much more.

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  • (3-10 days old). each pack contains 10k records with FNAME, LNAME, Address, City, State, Phone, Email(optional).
  • This list is a mix of compiled data and opt-in records from different partner publishers